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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Encaustic Wax Art Panel


I have combined my New Everything art/PaperArtsy stamps with the new topic, Wax on the PA blog. see here.

I have seen wax art before but not really paid much attention, but I absolutely loved looking at all the art on display and have spent quite a few hours on You Tube and Pinterest to try and find out more.

There's quite a few materials required but I didn't want to spend any money if if wasn't something I liked, so I had to improvise a lot....

First issue a heat source, I don't have a melt pot so I remembered we had a Chinese food burner and some foil tins which worked very well.
Next no wax so I brought I cheap candle and kids crayons from the supermarket and melted over the burner.

So first the first try was a disaster, I tried making black lines and ended up with a huge mess which I scraped off and tried again after watching some more video's

I am guessing that with the proper materials things would hopefully be easier.

You really do need the white background if your not adding colours. I did 2 layers on wax and fused, this time I held my heat gun further away from the wooden surface, just to get the gloss look and not remelt.
Then layers on tissue stamped script, then main image this time I stamped on white paper instead of tissue paper and coloured with Gelatoes. I brushed on the back with wax first before I quickly laid down on the surface, this was much better, next I added the black die cut circles in the same way.

This is the only process photo I took as got carried away.

I wanted the phrase to stand out so used some white crayon wax first, but when I did another layer this melted and moved, see below, not sure if this is because its a kids crayon or if your not supposed to do another layer over the top or something else, very annoying through.

I added a couple of strips of gold card and a button and give one last coat before I dipped white wax over the top and added gold micro power and flake.

Mmmm ok I think, really want to do a workshop on this to learn further about layering then fusing colours and how to get a textured surface instead of a flat one. If anyone can recommend one, maybe online I would be grateful and then I can buy the proper kit to have a better go. Really like the idea of making art this way and think there's a hell of a lot of learning to be done.

Thanks for having a look and hope you can leave a nice comment.

Jules x


  1. my sister in law had an encaustic iron years ago and sticks of wax, it was a right faff but if you practice you can get some great results.... love the new stamp - hope you have fun playing!!

  2. Love this, Jules! Great color and contrast.... and lucky you to have the new stamps already in hand! xx Lynn

  3. it is ace. must try wax sometimes...I have a melt pot and bees wax but never used it! x

  4. This looks great, especially for a first experiment! I think the thing to remember is that any image/colour on the wax is going to spread as soon as any heat is applied, even if it's a lower layer (the whole lot melts, not just the top layer) so don't expect "crisp" from those elements - that was my learning point anyway!

  5. this is gorgeous..I love the contrast of the bright image and the black and white x

  6. Stunning work and great techniques, I love this. xx

  7. Well, I think you did brilliantly Jules and I wouldn't have known it was your first time using wax let alone with limited supplies. Looks to me like you'd be a natural with a bit more experience. I love this piece!

    Lesley Xx