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Sunday, 15 July 2018

"Rock Pool" ATC Coins By Katie

Evening all

Another weekend flashes by, hope you have been having fun whatever you have been up to. 

With ATCOINS, been the next tend in crafting, of course Katie wanted to include them our ocean themed designs. And just how fabulous do they look? 

They take up a small amount of product, so all those goodies go much further.

If you are new to Artist Trading Coins, then they are 2.5inch circles which you can trade with crafty friends or stash them for yourself.  Its easy to make the base from die cutting a circle or maybe we have some MDF ones coming soon?????? (We do haha)

I stamped over the background with a texture stamp using two colours. 

Then I dyed some cheese cloth sea green using ink and let that dry before cutting it up and gluing it to the coins. Jules also has some Hessin on the website which would also work well.

Next I used some of the elements from the Sea themed ephemera and glued them down. 

I used 3d foam pads to layer up the shells.

I then decorated the coins using beads and gems. I also added a bit of faux moss to give it a more rock pool look to it. 

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Jules xx

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