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Saturday, 5 November 2016

Using Bistre powder


So I promised I would show you how to use the Bistre powder which came with the October goodie box.

It came in a glass jar, and the best way to start is to pierce the top of the lid. (sharp poky tool works well). This way you can shake it on to your projects in small amounts.

I started with a very small amount on white card. A little goes a very long way.

Then spray water over the top, this really highlights the different colours within the powder, and could be left to dry like this

But I moved it back and forth

And how it dried

Nice, I like this for a larger piece of card, Great for mat & layering or die cutting

I Started again on small pieces of card, this one is with less water 

Then moving the card and drying with a heat gun at the same time.

 Spray the card with water first, lots of it and then sprinkle the Bistre, another different look. 

Next I tired to colour with 3D gel and texture paste, use a small amount of powder and mix well

Again different results, the 3D gel goes much darker than the paste.

The last one was mopping up the watery mess on my craft mat with plain copy paper, this takes the colour well and can be used for backgrounds and stops any waste.

I hope this was helpful, would love to see how you use yours!

The November goodie box is available to pre-order now, please go to 

Thanks for looking, would love it it you could leave a nice comment 

Jules xx


  1. This looks fab. I will find mine out and have a go

  2. Great to see you offering different techniques Julie. The. I stress are definitely great for an industrial look aren't they?

  3. Thank you for taking the time to show ups how to use this powder Jules, it is always good to learn a new technique. I love the effects you have got with the powder, it makes great backgrounds.