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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Master Boards cards


Here's another Master board card which I made into a New Home card for a Friend 

I made the back ground and then added the extra stamping and a house etc. 

And here is the Christmas Masteboard card I did last year, love these think I may do them again. 

Jules xx



Over on the PA blog the last topic of the year is masterboards. See here!!

Love this one because is so easy and really effective plus you can turn the board into anything you want to. 

I started with the below colours and used a small brayer across an A4 sheet of what card

Using 3 different stencils with Archival inks this was the next pic

then I just carried on building the background with various stamps to get my finished sheet

I already knew I was going to use it to cover a matchbox for a share, its great to see the details after you cut it up, just need to go and finish this now....

I have loads left for another project I want to do as well.

Thanks for looks

Jules xx