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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Circle Journal Round Two 2016/2017


So we have just finished, well a few weeks ago our 2nd round of the journal circle and I wanted to show all the art inside mine, we had 12 wonderful peeps join in this time, so it took a full year but boy it was worth the wait. I think I was probably cursed a few times as I chose to make a large journal and asked fro a double spread and a word page lol. 
The brief was to choose a shape, so mine was waves, each double page is a different size with a wave down each edge. We really had a great and fun variety of shapes coming room.

Here's my cover, 

Finished Words from everyone

First in my Journal is a great colourful page from Wanda Hedges, loving the flower stamp

Next is a page from Chris Cresswell, sooo much to look at...

 Shabby Chic from Jo Myhill with loads of texture

Love these stamps and colours from Hazel Agnew

Fab figure from Gabby Price

Loads of colour and texture from Linda Regan

 Lots of bright colours from Tracy Scott, love the tops of the paint

Great vintage page from Catherine Johnson, recognise the keys lol

Love the delicate colours and stamps from Claire Snowdon

Wonderful girl, with so much texture from Marie Hampson

Another fab girl and published work in Mixed Up Magazine well done Debs Wainwright

Just the back inside cover to finish off at some point :) 

I was blown away by everyone art and how much work went into each page, thank you. 

Looking forward to the next round, here's a sneak peak of my front cover. 

Jules xx

Circle Journal Round One 2015


Well I can't believe its taken me so long to post these photos. Back in 2015 Chris Cresswell started a Journal Circle and the brief was to make one 8 x 10" as a maximum size.
I had never made one before and I looked at all the very complicated ways on binding but settled on a very basic 4 stitch one through the middle of the pages and covered the outside pages with fabric, this was ready to decorate later, but alas later never came and its still to do :) 

Here's my inside cover pages

First in the page is this very textured and stunning girl from Catherine Johnson

Another beautiful girl from Clare Lloyd 

A page full of texture and 3d designs from Claire Snowdon

Love the white boarder to emphasise the great design from Gabby Price

Bright & colourful from Linda Regan

Very cool design from Chris 

 I still have 2 double pages to fill in this journal. which I will do and show them at some point. 

Thanks for everyone's fab art, its stunning and all very different, love my Journal 

 Jules xx