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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Filled with Wisdom

I wanted to create a face with age but no wrinkles lol

After seeing Leandra at Donny last week and getting the Dreamweaver crackle paste I had to try it out of this face. 

Using lots of layers and I mean lots of Frescos I painted the face and added a thin layer of crackle.

I choice the colour scheme so I could use my rusting powders, which even though I have had it for a few months this was the first outing.

Finished with my new Sara Naumann stamps 

I am quite happy with how this turned out, will be using the crackle paste on my faces again. 

Jules xx


The fortnightly challenge on the PA blog has been faces.

This was a simple sketch will I wanted to work with, lots of frescos paints and stamping in the background and on the dress.

Treasure gold die cut and embossed wings.

Jules xx

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Wearable Art - Brooch


This is my last project, I had 2 others I wanted to do for the PA challenge but ran out of time :(

So for the brooch I started with a die cut grey board circle and stamped Darcy's heart flower, cut out the hearts, painted them with frescos and stuck to the circle which I painted both sides in black. 

Next I used TG to cover and piece of card and again stamped the heart flowers using Stazon ink. I built up layers of clear embossing powder and stamped a script stamp and rubbed in black paint and cleaned off.

I used Golden gel to stick them together.

I had a cute little Prima charm which I wanted to hang from the flower. I used Darcy's little bird stamps and painted the background. Punched out a small circle which I later filled with pearl drops and glossy accents 

Before that though I threaded some beads onto wire and stuck under the main flower. 

Next I found a plastic star and stamped again with Stazon ink, covered in shimmer glaze and added a few pearl drops for the centre of the flower.

On the back I added the pin and covered in card and painted the whole back black.

I am really pleased with the finished piece. 



Wearable Art - baseball cap


I brought this plain white baseball cap on hols as they only had this one in the shop, but thought at some stage I could add some colour, it was perfect for the PA challenge 

I stamped the Flamingo stamp onto tissue paper as it would never stamp straight on, problem with this which I didn't discover until later is the matte medium dilutes the colour - live and learn!!!

I coloured in used frescos and then started on the brim.

The sewn lines helped with placing the colour, and I added some stamps and some pearl drops 

I finished with some ribbon.

 I can't say I am overly happy with the results, but I did learn about painting on to fabrics.



Wearable art - Ring


Whilst having a route through my broken jewellery I found and broken chunky ring so decided to give it a new top.

I stamped a small Darcy circle into paper clay and carefully cut out.

I left the to try out and found a button the right size to glue onto the ring, before I did this, I stamped using stanzon ink and then covered in shimmer glaze.

When the clay was dry I painted pink and used silver TG to highlight, then I took a black pen an traced some on the detail.

I finished with glossy accents and glued together.


Thanks for looking

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Wearable Art ~ Clay Necklace


Wearable Art, is something that has always fascinated me and there's some amazing people out there making it.

On the Paperartsy Blog the fortnightly challenge is Wearable Art, see here 

I have never really made any jewellery but inspired by the topic I thought I would give a necklace ago.

I found some jump rings, an old necklace and some cute charms to start with. 

I used paper clay for the main pendent and tried a few PA stamps in it but this one from Claire's range seemed to work best as it gave the best definition in the clay and I love faces!!

So how do you get things to hang??? I went with some eyelet pins and pushed them into the clay whilst wet and let it dry for about 14 hours. I found they still came out to ended up gluing them in. 

The I made some paper beads, another first, I did this from old book print and give them a shimmer glaze, I threaded them and some beads onto craft wire with a charm.

Next I painted the girl with Frescos and a very five brush. When that was dry I used glossy accents to seal and give some shine and when that was dry assembled the whole things.


Hard work for me as I wear long nails and this stuff is fiddly. 

I am quite pleased for a first go. 

Hoping to have time to do a second piece for the challenge as there's something I really want to do. 

Jules xx